Why Humanist Party? - Mission of Humanist Party

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Humanist Movement (HM) has a world-view and aims the personal-social transformation of the individual and the society.

For more than 50 years, the society has not seen any invention. As a matter of fact, people have stopped differentiating between science and technology. That technology is the application of science, is a news to many science students also.

Society has been perfecting the tools of killing to the extent that enough bombs have been stockpiled that can annihilate the whole world many times.

Violence is everywhere. Within as well as around us. Suicides are increasing everywhere. People have been divided on every possible basis; Families have been divided; Doubts and suspicion are increasing at all times.

The value system has broken-apart and the aim of life seems to be going around Money-Power-Sex. Everyone, at all times, is eyeing for more money, more power and more beautiful things. Cost is immaterial and people are ready to fall in great debts to achieve these aims, irrespective of the fact that many in debts keep committing suicide.

If we look at the current life-style and value-system and go back a few decades, we find things have been deteriorating.

If we go back a couple of generations, we find things different. We find many positive values that have since deteriorating,

If we go back a few more generations, we will find interesting things there. There were ideologies, discussions, debates and a lot of things that were improving. There were inventions happening inspite of lesser resources as compared to current times.

Human being was not the same at all times. It was growing in many ways. There was violence, but, there were also many current of thoughts all around.

What has happened now, specially in last 50 to 60 years ? It seems only violence is growing making things deteriorate all around. Human being seems to have stopped evolving as a race. There are no inventions; there is no ideology other than violence (Humanism is an exception, and its not an invention); there is nothing other than Money-Power-Sex that is needed.

What is happening ? It seems that the society (as a whole) has stopped evolving. 

Will humans remain doing the same thing for ever ?

Will there be a change in his direction ?

Will there be a change of human’s aim from Money-Power-Sex ?

Will the human being evolve further ?

Gandhi said “The earth has enough for every one’s needs, but not for one man’s greed”.

UN study has said “That with current resources and technology, with just 4% of world population working, everyone can be provided with middle-class life standards of north-european countries”.

There is enough evidence of this to be around the truth. 

Why is it not happening ? While this does not happen and people remain in the race of more and more of Money-Power-Sex all the times, human being is in sure trouble.

The equitable distribution of wealth, the provision of Education-Job-Health-Housing for all, all this is currently being controlled by the politicians. They may be Presidents, Prime-Ministers, Kings or whatever, they control all the resources and force over 80% of population to remain in ever-increasing miserable conditions.

It seems that unless they change, a lot of change will not take place.

If politicians were to be Humanists, there would be no discrimination and no violence.

If politicians were to be Humanists, there would be Education-Job-Health-Housing for all.

Why this cannot happen ? 

How can this happen ?

Humanist Movement has deep faith in the future of human race and its ability to evolve and grow.

With this faith, HM has formed HP as the instrument to Humanize politics and has given the mission to HP to transform the area of politics

This is the reason, the purpose, the aim of HP and the HP, inspired by the HM has been created to fulfil this mission.

The HP members are not today’s “politicians”. They are true-selfless-volunteers of HM with the mission to transform politics.

HP has a meaning and this meaning goes beyond the Parliament seats, beyond the Power-seats.

Stefano Cecere
Stefano Cecere
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